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VOR NameExpiry DateUser
Tender-11359 - Workplace Print and Services02/28/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-14952 - Personal Computing Devices and Services (PCDS)05/15/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-15733 - x86 Server Products Maintenance Services and Related Services06/26/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-17543 - IT Security Products and Services10/11/2026OPS/Non-OPS
MGS-OPENTEXT-VLA - Volume Licensing Agreement (VLA) with OpenText Corporation for provision of Enterprise Information Management Products and Services11/24/2025OPS/Non-OPS
OSS-00377058 - Supply & Delivery Of Electronic Tendering Services10/31/2025OPS/Non-OPS
OSS-00415819 - Paging and Mobile Devices and Services07/31/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-10941 - IT Research Subscription Services09/15/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-12075 - Managed Services Provider for Contingent IT Resources04/05/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-15176 - Information and Information Technology (IIT) Solutions Consulting Services12/31/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-15700 - Software Reseller05/31/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-18066 - Graphic Design and Creative Services10/31/2027OPS
Tender-8121 - Cloud Computing Services IaaS/PaaS09/30/2024OPS/Non-OPS
MGCS-Adobe VLA 2022 - MGCS-Adobe Volume License Agreement (VLA) 202203/31/2027OPS/Non-OPS
MGCS-Citrix-VLA-2021 - MGCS-Citrix Volume License Agreement (VLA) 202112/28/2026OPS/Non-OPS
MGCS-IBM-OSS-00536047 - IBM Curam Volume Software License and Services Agreement04/30/2025OPS/Non-OPS
MGCS-Oracle-CA-OMA-2923876 - MGCS- Oracle Volume Software License and Services Agreement05/31/2025OPS/Non-OPS
MGS-IBM-VLA-001 - MGS-IBM Volume License Agreement
Salesforce MSA - Salesforce Master Subscription Agreement (MSA)01/15/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-11780 - 2022 Citrix Reseller VOR arrangement12/28/2026OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-11781 - 2022 Adobe Reseller VOR arrangement03/31/2027OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-18358 - Microsoft Select Plus Agreement and Reseller Agreement09/30/2026OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-7235 - Data Integration, Visualization and Analytics (DIVA) Software and Services05/31/2025OPS/Non-OPS
VOR-EPPM - Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management (EPPM) Software-as-a-Service(SaaS)04/30/2028OPS/Non-OPS
Cleaning Supplies
Tender-13694 - Cleaning Supplies and Sanitary Papers10/28/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Courier Services
Tender-15985 - Next Day or Best Available Courier Services10/31/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Event Staging Services
Tender-15812 - Equipment and Technical Services for Event Staging06/04/2024OPS/Non-OPS
OSS-00589311 - Fleet Management Services01/31/2026OPS/Non-OPS
OSS-00634452 - Vehicle Acquisition and Up-Fitting07/01/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-12296 - Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles - EXPIRED05/08/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-18024 - Vehicle Equipment Disposal and Remarketing Services07/31/2027OPS/Non-OPS
Tender_19250 - Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles05/08/2029OPS/Non-OPS
MPBSD_16806 - Supply and Delivery of Dairy Products09/13/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-17891 - Consolidated Groceries07/31/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Tender_18072 - Fresh Bread & Bun Products09/09/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Fuel and Energy
Tender-15492 - Supply and Delivery of Bulk Propane04/30/2028OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-15734 - Supply and Delivery of Bulk Fuels10/31/2026OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-7642 - Aviation Fuel - EXPIRED04/30/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Tender_19226 - Aviation Fuel04/30/2028OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-13685 - Office Seating and Furniture01/31/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Human Resources - Employee Assistance
OSS-00622650 - Employee Relocation Services08/31/2024OPS/Non-OPS
OSS-00627750 - Employee and Family Assistance Program Services (EFAP)07/31/2026OPS/Non-OPS
Human Resources - Human Rights/Employment Related Investigations
Tender-15745 - Workplace Investigation, Mediation, Restoration and Training Services07/19/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Human Resources - Learning, Training, Executive Coaching, Facilitation
Tender-16644 - French Language Evaluation and Training Services10/31/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-17561 - Leadership Talent Services07/06/2028OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-17815 - Learning, Training, Research, and Evaluation Services05/14/2028OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-17865 - Talent Acquisition and Job Classification Services07/11/2028OPS/Non-OPS
Human Resources - Staffing and Recruitment
Tender-6484 - Temporary Help Services11/30/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Internal Audit Services
Tender-17389 - Internal Audit Services02/28/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Management Consulting Services
Tender-17892 - Management Consulting Services06/15/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Medical Supplies/Biohazard
Tender-15894 - Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Supplies and Consumables04/17/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-15897 - Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Gases08/08/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-18672 - Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal Services01/13/2030OPS/Non-OPS
Office Products & Shredding Services
OSS-00357420 - Records Storage and Related Services07/27/2034OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-15856 - Supply and Delivery of Office Products, Print and Copy Paper, and Laser Toners06/20/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-7279 - Secure Document Destruction Services02/28/2025OPS/Non-OPS
Research Services
Tender-18702 - Experience Design and Related Services10/31/2027OPS/Non-OPS
Security Services
Tender-16473 - Physical Security Threat Risk Assessments, Physical Security Plans and Physical Security Training08/22/2024OPS/Non-OPS
Tender-18163 - Security Guard Services12/01/2028OPS/Non-OPS
Travel Management
OSS-00524584 - Travel Management Company Services12/23/2023OPS/Non-OPS
OSS-00559105 - Corporate Cards Services03/31/2025OPS/Non-OPS
OSS-075908 - Public Works and Government Services Canada Accommodation and Daily Car Rental - EXPIRED12/31/2024OPS/Non-OPS
OSS-075912 - Air Canada05/31/2024OPS/Non-OPS
OSS-075913 - Porter Airlines Inc.08/31/2024OPS/Non-OPS
OSS-075914 - VIA Rail Canada Inc.08/18/2024OPS/Non-OPS