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Type: Non-IT
Category: Fuel and Energy
VOR Number/Title: Tender_19226 - Aviation Fuel
File Name: Tender_19226

Aviation fuels refer to a specification of fuels required by fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

The preferred delivery methods for aviation fuels are:

  1. Direct-to-Aircraft;
  2. Bulk Delivery; and
  3. Drum Delivery.

All three methods required the delivery of aviation fuels to fixed, remote and/or temporary locations across the province of Ontario (and in some instances, outside the province of Ontario) including into fixed and/or temporary fuel storage systems.

This VOR Arrangement is for a period of four (4) years with no extension option.

Available to: OPS/Non-OPS
Effective Date: 05/01/2024
Original Expiry Date: 04/30/2028
Current Expiry Date: 04/30/2028

Qualified Vendors

* Avjet Holding Inc.
* Gra Ham Energy Limited
* Meridian Fuels Inc.
* Morgan Fuels
* World Fuel Services