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Type: Non-IT
Category: Fleet
VOR Number/Title: Tender-18024 - Vehicle Equipment Disposal and Remarketing Services
File Name: Tender-18024

This Vendor of Record was established for the disposal and remarketing of vehicle and equipment throughout the province, in accordance with the terms of conditions of RFP #Tender-18024.

Vehicles and equipment comprise light commercial vehicles, enforcement vehicles and non passenger fleet vehicles such as medium and heavy trucks, off road vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, construction/general purpose equipment, boats and ferries.

The assignment of disposals will most typically be made based on location however the type, condition and value of the equipment will also be considered along with the experience and performance of available Suppliers. Assignment of disposals is at the sole discretion of the Fleet Management Centre.

Available to: OPS/Non-OPS
Effective Date: 08/01/2023
Original Expiry Date: 07/31/2027
Current Expiry Date: 07/31/2027

Qualified Vendors

* Impact Auto Auctions Ltd.
* Midway Auto Parts Ltd
* Northern Auto Auctions of Canada Inc O/A North Toronto Auction