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Type: Non-IT
Category: Management Consulting Services
VOR Number/Title: Tender-17892 - Management Consulting Services
File Name: Tender-17892

This VOR Arrangement is intended to replace the 2018 Management Consulting Services (Tender 7434) VOR arrangement. This VOR arrangement is primarily for management consulting services and roles which require specific skills and knowledge. The roles that appear in this VOR arrangement may be considered for both IT and non-IT projects. Clients will be able to use roles from this VOR arrangement, as appropriate, to obtain the services that are necessary to complete their projects.

Service Categories applicable to this VOR arrangement:
  • Business Metrics, Performance Management and Process Improvement Services
  • Business Process Assessment & Integration Services
  • Organizational Effectiveness Services
  • Organizational Transformation Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Program Management Services
  • Project Management, Assurance and Review Services
  • Strategic Management & Planning Services

The VOR arrangement is for a period of two years with a two year extension option, at MPBSD's discretion.

Available to: OPS/Non-OPS
Effective Date: 06/16/2023
Original Expiry Date: 06/15/2025

Qualified Vendors

* 1087338 Ontario Limited (DBA tng)
* 2049950 Ontario Inc (DBA Infotech Management Consulting)
* 2155624 Ontario Inc (DBA Nexovate Inc)
* 2258973 Ontario Inc. (DBA Lucrodyne)
* 2712986 Ontario Inc. (DBA Ryelle Strategy Group)
* A.Net Solutions Inc.
* A.T. Consulting and Recruiting Inc.
* Accenture Inc.
* Adaptovate Inc.
* Akkidos Canada Inc. (formerly Modis Canada Inc.)
* Altis Recruitment & Technology Inc. (formerly Altis Human Resources Inc.)
* Altura Consulting Inc.
* Angela Byrne Consulting Inc.
* AnP Consulting Inc.
* Arcadis Professional Services (Canada) Inc [formerly IBI Group Professional Services (Canada) Inc.]
* Avli Group Ltd.
* Barnes Management Group Inc.
* BDO Canada LLP (formerly PPI Consulting Limited)
* Beam Group Inc.
* Behavioural Insights (Canada) Ltd (DBA Behavioural Insights Team)
* Bell, Browne, Molnar & Delicate Consulting Inc.
* Blackline Consulting
* Blizzard Corporation
* Blueprint-ADE
* Boston Consulting Group Canada ULC
* BP & M Government IM & IT Consulting Inc, owned by Linovati Inc
* Brookstone Strategy Inc. (DBA Brookstone Strategy Group)
* Calibrate Solutions
* Carly Rian Corp. o/a Carly Rian Group
* Cassowary Concepts Inc.
* Cathexis Consulting Inc.
* Centre for Effective Practice
* CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc.
* Challenge Factory Inc
* CM Inc.
* Collective Minds Consulting Inc.
* Colliers Project Leaders Inc.
* Computacenter TeraMach Inc.
* Comtech Group Inc.
* Corporate Microsystems Inc
* Courage Group International – Holistic Organizational Transformation Inc.
* CPCS Transcom Limited
* CSE Solutions INC.
* Cyber-Infomax Solutions Inc
* Dale McMurchy Consulting Inc.
* Dark Horse Intelligence Inc
* Davis Pierrynowski Limited (DBA Davis Pier Consulting)
* Deloitte Inc.
* Dokainish & Company Inc.
* DPRA Canada Inc.
* Edge Health Insights Inc
* Ernst & Young LLP
* FRB Limited
* FSET Inc
* Gartner Canada Co.
* GEF Consulting Inc.
* Global Value Expanders Ltd (oa GVEX)
* Guidehouse Canada Ltd
* Habo Studio Inc
* Hart & Associates Management Consultants Ltd.
* HDR Corporation
* HR Associates Incorporated
* HR Transformation
* i3 Advantage Inc.
* iG2 Group Inc
* IBM Canada Ltd.
* Infosys Public Services
* Ipsos Limited Partnership (dba: Ipsos Reid Public Affairs)
* Ivantage Partners Inc.
* JD Campbell & Associates
* Kadikar Consulting Inc. (DBA Kadikar Consulting)
* KeyData Associates Inc
* Khurana Consulting Services Group Inc
* Knowsys Group Ltd.
* Lakeland Consulting Inc.
* LBCG Consulting for Impact (formerly Lough Barnes Consulting Group Inc.)
* Leadership Intelligence Incorporated
* Lean Agility Inc.
* Level5 Inc. (DBA Level5 Strategy Group)
* LinHR Consulting Inc.
* Maximus Canada Services, Inc. (DBA MAXIMUS)
* McKinsey and Company Canada
* MD+A Health Solutions Inc.
* Midas Advisory Limited
* Midgard Consulting Inc
* Mindwire Systems Ltd. (formerly Zylog Systems (Ottawa) Ltd.)
* Mivian Consulting Inc
* Mussio-La Grassa Inc.
* Niewe Consulting Ltd (DBA Baiame Consulting Ltd)
* Nous Group Holdings (Canada) Ltd. (formerly Connor Claire Group Inc.)
* Optimus SBR Inc.
* Orgshift Solutions Inc
* Osborne Consulting Ltd.
* Overlap Associates Inc.
* P1 Consulting Inc. (DBA P3 Advisors Inc.)
* Parriag Group Inc.
* Pivotal Technologies Inc.
* PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
* PrivacyWorks Consulting Inc
* Procom Consultants Group Ltd.
* Pursuit Advisory Partners Inc
* QA Consultants (formerly Plaza Consulting Inc.)
* R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. (dba: Malatest)
* Raise Limited (Formerly Ian Martin Limited)
* Randstad Technologies, a division of Randstad Interim Inc.
* RFP Solutions Inc.
* Richter LLP (formerly Richter Advisory Group Inc)
* Robinson Global Management Inc.
* RSM Canada Consulting LP
* Rubinstein & Associates Inc.
* Run Straight Consulting Ltd.
* Samson & Associates CPA/Consultation Inc (formerly Samson & Associates Consulting Inc)
* Santis Health Inc.
* Shore Consulting Group Inc.
* Slalom Consulting ULC
* Solutia SDO Ltd.
* Spindle Strategy Corp.
* Springboard Policy Inc.
* SPR Associates Inc.
* SRA Staffing Solutions Ltd. (DBA SRA Information Technology)
* Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc.
* StrategyCorp Inc. (DBA SC Business Strategies Group Inc.)
* Sundiata Warren Group Inc. (DBA SWGi)
* Symbiotic Group Inc.
* TBG MacNiven
* Tectonic Advisory Services Inc.
* TEKsystems Canada Corp.
* The Evidence Network Inc
* Third Party Public Inc. (Formerly Swerhun Inc.)
* ThoughtStorm Inc
* Titus Consulting Services Group Ltd
* Transatlantic Business Consulting
* Trevin Kracy LLC (DBA JM Associates)
* Ultimately Digital Inc
* V42 Management Consulting Inc
* Valency Inc.
* Weiss International Ltd.
* Welch and Company LLP
* Write.Think.Do. Inc.
* Yoush Inc. (DBA: Yoush Consulting)