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Type: IT
Category: Software
VOR Number/Title: MGCS-Citrix-VLA-2021 - MGCS-Citrix Volume License Agreement (VLA) 2021
File Name: MGCS-Citrix-VLA-2021

MGCS has established an enterprise Volume License Agreement with Citrix Inc., (MGCS-Citrix VLA 2021), effective December 29, 2021. Through the MGCS-Citrix VLA 2021, OPS and Non-OPS clients realize discounted pricing in accordance with the VLA Price List as follows:

  1. thirty-five percent (35%) from Citrix's SRP for available perpetual Product licenses under the ELA discounting model and for Support and Maintenance Services relating to Customer's perpetual licenses, and;
  2. a minimum of Citrix's third-tier SRP for available term-based on-premises Software licenses (the "Tiered Pricing Discount").

Please refer to the MGCS-Citrix VLA Price List for current VLA pricing information.

Through the 2022 Citrix Reseller VOR arrangement, Tender_11780, XenTegra Canada Inc. provides both OPS and Non-OPS clients with an additional 16% discount from VLA pricing, on all VLA offerings.

Available to: OPS/Non-OPS
Effective Date: 12/29/2021
Original Expiry Date: 12/28/2026
Current Expiry Date: 12/28/2026

Qualified Vendors

* Citrix Systems Inc.