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Type: Non-IT
Category: Human Resources - Human Rights/Employment Related Investigations
VOR Number/Title: Tender-15745 - Workplace Investigation, Mediation, Restoration and Training Services
File Name: Tender-15745

This Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangement was established to provide services primarily related to allegations of harassment, discrimination and violence in the workplace within the Ontario Public Service. The services under this Vendor of Record Agreement will be used by all Ontario ministries. They may also be utilized, on a voluntary basis, by Non-OPS Entities. This agreement is concluded for a period of three years, with the possibility of renewal of two times one year in accordance with the same terms. Four (4) categories of services are as follows:

  1. Workplace Investigative Services;
  2. Mediation services;
  3. Workplace Recovery and Review Services;
  4. Training Services.
Available to: OPS/Non-OPS
Effective Date: 07/20/2022
Original Expiry Date: 07/19/2025
Current Expiry Date: 07/19/2025

Qualified Vendors

* 1498203 Ontario Limited / Northern Lights Presentations
* 4S Consulting Services Inc (DBA 4S Occupational Health and Safety Advisory)
* A Place for Mediation Inc.
* ADR Chambers Inc.
* All Cultures Conflict Resolution Services (DBA Strategic Intervention Services Associates)
* Bicknell Mediation
* Calibrate Solutions
* CanMediate International
* Centre for Conflict Resolution International Ltd.
* Credence & Co
* Deloitte LLP (DBA Deloitte Legal Canada)
* Dorian N. Persaud Professional Corporation
* Egale Canada (DBA Egale Canada - Human Rights Trust)
* Elana Fleischmann & Associates
* Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP
* Harrison and Docherty Consulting (DBA James Docherty & Associates)
* Heeney Vokey LLP
* Hum Law Firm
* Iler Campbell LLP
* International Institute for Restorative Practices Canada
* Investigative Solutions Network Inc.
* Julie E. Smith
* Kumail Karimjee Professional Corporation (DBA Karimjee Resolutions)
* M. Thorpe & Associates Inc.
* Maria Grazia Vaccarelli (DBA Grace Vaccarelli Professional Corporation)
* Med-Arbsolutions Limited
* MG Harassment Resolutions Inc
* MIT Global Consulting Group
* QMR Staffing Solutions Incorporated
* Quintet Consulting Corporation
* Scott Petrie LLP
* Templeman LLP (formerly Templeman Menninga LLP)
* The Bernardi Centre Inc. (Bernardi Human Resource Law LLP)
* The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (DBA Commissionaires Ottawa)
* The Investigators Group Inc. (DBA IGI)
* Turnpenney Milne LLP