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Type: IT
Category: Services
VOR Number/Title: OSS-00430429 - Task-based I&IT Services
File Name: OSS-00430429

November 15, 2019 - Update on the MSP NRFB Vendor of Record Replacement Project (VORR) Tender_12075
(Task based I&IT VOR OSS-00430429 Replacement)

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) and Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS), are seeking a Managed Service Provider (MSP), supported by an automated system (the “Vendor Management System”) to handle the procurement, payment and administration of the province IT contingent resources and staff management for short-term IT consulting services.

The term of the contract will be for three (3) years with two, one (1) year, optional extensions.

The scope of this opportunity is for the replacement of the province’s existing I&IT Task-Based VOR with its associated internal processes with a single Managed Service Provider (MSP).

The MSP would act as an intermediary between IT consultant suppliers, the province, and will be responsible for sourcing and managing the staffing of IT contingent resources for the province. The objective of this procurement is to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Cost savings to the province, the Ministry Clients.
  • Efficiency gains in terms of consultant acquisition time and invoicing and payment time for all parties involved.
  • Improved access to talent meaning better consulting resources, more choice and a broader distribution of work among IT Qualified Firms.
  • Improvements to the client/consultant experience due to better management, automation of the process and workflows plus easier access.
  • Improvements in service management meaning streamline processes, centralized and automated services, efficiency improvements, reduction in errors and delays.
  • Controllership improvements meaning fair and transparent procurement of services, ability to analyse usage and costs, better tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • Alignment with OPS Enterprise-wide improvement initiatives.
  • Performance-based services meaning the quality of services are tracked and measured against an expected standard using KPI’s.

Bidders interested in this initiative are encouraged to check the Ontario Tenders Portal at:


August 20, 2019 - UPDATE: ON-Demand IT Services / Replacement of Task-based I&IT Services
Vendor of Record Arrangement (VOR-OSS_00430429)

Ontario is modernizing the way it acquires temporary information technology (IT) contractor services by planning to move to an external managed service provider (MSP) model. It is anticipated that this will:

  • make it easier to do business with the Government of Ontario;
  • expand potential business opportunities for vendors, including small- and medium-sized enterprises; and,
  • reduce administrative process burdens and costs for vendors and government.

The MSP model approach is a best practice recognized by the IT and vendor communities and used widely by private and public sector organizations, including five other provinces.
This approach is in line with the government’s digital transformation and its work on an integrated supply chain that is anticipated to reduce costs and make it easier and more efficient to do business with government and across the broader public sector.

This approach also reflects input from vendors, as well as market research and jurisdictional best practices.

All qualified vendors that provide temporary IT contractor services to the government, including small and medium-sized vendors, are likely to benefit from greater transparency, reduced burden, and expanded business opportunities through the MSP model. In addition, this approach ensures that Ontario’s government puts people at the centre of everything we do and offers efficient and top-notch service to our customers

The Procurement Process

In the near future, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) intends to openly and competitively procure the services of a third-party MSP to source and manage the provision of temporary IT contractor services currently managed by Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS). The successful MSP will include a Vendor Management System (VMS) as part of its services.

Part of the evaluation criteria the government intends to use to select the MSP will be how they propose to fairly and transparently qualify vendors to provide temporary IT contractors to the Ontario government. There will be no limit to the number of vendors that can qualify under the MSP.

To allow sufficient time for the procurement and implementation of the MSP, MGCS plans to extend the existing Task-based I&IT Services VOR arrangement (OSS VOR-00430429) for a period of up to 12 months, ending on September 30, 2020. All vendors currently qualified on this VOR arrangement will be invited to sign contract amendments for the extension prior to the current expiry of their individual contracts. 

The MSP arrangement, once implemented, will be mandatory for all ministries and agencies covered by the OPS Procurement Directive. It also will be optionally available to Ontario’s publicly funded non-OPS entities. 

Vendors interested in this initiative are encouraged to register here on the Ontario Tenders Portal (www.ontario.ca/tenders) under the current Task -based IT Services VOR posting to ensure they receive notifications and can access information about the MSP procurement in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

ON-Demand IT Services / Replacement of Task-based IT Services VOR Arrangement (VOR-OSS_00430429)

On January 10, 2018, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) and Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) met with the IT Association of Canada, the National Association of Canadian Consulting Businesses, and the Ontario Small and Medium Business Coalition to seek additional feedback on the business model of the new Request for Bids (RFB) to establish the ON-Demand IT Services VOR arrangement.

The vendor associations provided wide-ranging, substantive information, perspectives and insights. MGCS and TBS thank the vendor associations for participating in this consultation and appreciate receiving this body of information.

A summary of this feedback can be found on the Ontario Tenders Portal (tender_5252; RFI_555).  MGCS will provide information about next steps.

Please direct questions or comments to doingbusiness@ontario.ca


This VOR Arrangement replaces the Task-based I&IT Services VOR Arrangement (OSS_00175018) which had been established in 2011. This VOR Arrangement is primarily for task-based I&IT services which require specific I&IT skills and knowledge. Clients will be able to use the Service Categories and Roles from the Task-based I&IT Services VOR Arrangement, as appropriate, to obtain the services that are necessary to complete their I&IT projects.

Service Categories:

  • Business Analysis & Planning
  • Architecture
  • Solutions Development
  • Testing & Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Deployment & Operations
  • Security
  • Information Management
  • Oracle Financials ERP Application Environment
  • Oracle PeopleSoft HCM/ERP Application Environment

The Agreement is for an initial period of three years, commencing October 1, 2014 and ending on September 30, 2019 (which includes a two 1-year extension). MGCS once again has extended the agreement which will expire on September 30, 2020.

Available to: OPS/Non-OPS
Effective Date: 10/01/2014
Original Expiry Date: 09/30/2017
Current Expiry Date: 09/30/2020

Qualified Vendors

* 01 Millennium Consulting Inc.
* 1576983 Ontario Inc (DBA: PPT Consulting)
* 1825605 Ontario Inc. (DBA CFS Consulting)
* 2146151 Ontario Inc.
* 2201224 Ontario Inc. (DBA BITS)
* 2240821 Ontario Inc. (DBA: InstaObjects)
* 2303964 Ontario Inc. (DBA DesignSet)
* 2360986 Ontario Inc. (DBA North49 Group)
* 2600167 Ontario Inc. (formerly PED Holdings Limited (DBA Dean Group))
* PED Holdings Limited.
* 2i Solutions Inc.
* 4FMV Inc.
* 4Ray Solutions Inc.
* 6535836 Canada Inc. (DBA Alphavima Technologies)
* 7298528 Canada Inc. (DBA: Apya Consulting)
* 7337205 Canada Inc (DBA Spence Consulting)
* 7575483 Canada Inc. (DBA: MDX Technologies)
* 7872194 Canada Incorporated (DBA Bright Technologies)
* 8258899 Canada Inc. (DBA Profecy Strategic Staffing)
* 8si Inc. (DBA CRMWorks)
* A.T. Consulting and Recruiting Inc.
* Christie Technologies Inc. (formerly ABS Systems Consultants Ltd.)
* Accreon Inc.
* ACIS Consulting Inc.
* Adastra Corporation
* Aditi Soft Inc.
* Adiuvo Group Ltd.
* Adobe Inc. (formerly Adobe Systems Incorporated)
* Advanced Knowledge Innovations Inc.
* ADGA Group Consultants Inc.
* AIM Professionals Inc.
* Alithya Consulting Inc.
* Altis Human Resources Inc. and Excel Human Resources Inc.
* Altis Human Resources Inc. and Excel Human Resources Inc.
* Altura Consulting Inc.
* Anita Fineberg and Associates Inc.
* Applied Technology Solutions (Global) Inc.
* Apption Corporation
* Archipelago Alliance Inc.
* Ares Consulting Services Ltd.
* ARC Business Solutions Inc.
* Artech Technology Canada Limited
* ASA Systems Technology Inc.
* Avalon Corporate Solutions Corp.
* Aversan Inc.
* Avli Group Ltd.
* Bagg Technology Resources Inc.
* Ban Partners Inc.
* BDO Canada LLP (formerly PPI Consulting Limited)
* Bell Canada
* Bevertec CST Inc.
* Beyond Technologies Consulting Inc. (DBA Solutions Beyond Technologies Inc.)
* BGD Software Inc.
* Blue Oaks Solutions Inc.
* Blue Think Tank Solutions Inc.
* Bold Internet Solutions Limited
* Braestone Group Ltd.
* Broadcom Inc.
* Calian Ltd.
* Caro Systems Incorporated
* Cassowary Concepts Inc.
* Catalux Group
* CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc.
* Cheniwa Consulting Ltd.
* Cistel Technology Inc.
* CITS Group Inc.
* Clarity Inc.
* CloseReach Ltd.
* CM Inc.
* Collective Minds Consulting Inc.
* Compugen Inc.
* CompuStaff
* Context Integration Systems Inc.
* CoreHR Solutions Inc.
* Coreio inc. (formerly The Balardo Group Inc.)
* Coyote Software Corporation
* CORADIX Technology Consulting Ltd.
* CQ Search Group Ltd.
* CSI Consulting Inc.
* Cyrulean Inc.
* D+S Group Inc.
* DapaSoft Inc.
* Datavail Canada Corporation (formerly Navantis Inc.)
* Datazoom Solutions Inc.
* Delamee Incorporated (DBA Delamee Inc)
* Dendritech Inc.
* Design Group Staffing Inc. (DBA: Inteqna)
* DesTech Consulting Services Inc.
* DigitalEmbrace Inc.
* Diona Technologies (Canada) Inc.
* DISC (Data Integration Systems Consulting) INC.
* DLS Technology Corporation
* Dyna Lync 2000 Inc.
* Eagle Professional Resources Inc.
* EAInfoBiz Inc.
* Ecceler8 Inc.
* Envision IT Inc.
* Eperformance Inc.
* ERP Connex Inc.
* Esit Canada Enterprise Services Co. / Esit Canada Services Aux Entreprises Cie.
* Esri Canada Limited
* Ethtelligent Consulting Inc.
* Flex People Solutions Inc.
* Flexstaf I.T. Inc.
* Foilcon Corporation
* Foster Moore Canada Limited
* Fujitsu Consulting (Canada) Inc.
* GeTS eTrade (Canada) Inc. (fomerly CrimsonLogic (North America) Inc)
* Gevity Consulting Inc. (formerly Global Village Consulting Inc.)
* GEF Consulting Inc.
* Green Light Consulting Solutions Inc. (DBA Greenlight Consulting)
* GSI International Consulting Group (dba: Maxsys GSI)
* Headcoders Corporation
* Healthtech Inc.
* Hitachi Consulting Canada Corporation
* HiTechClouds Inc.
* HR Associates Incorporated
* iG2 Group Inc
* iVedha Inc.
* I-Consulting Inc.
* Ian Martin Limited
* IBM Canada Ltd.
* Infobase Solutions International, Inc.
* Infomaxium Inc.
* Information Builders (Canada) Inc.
* Information Systems Architects Inc.
* Information Technology Solution Providers Inc (DBA ITSP Inc)
* Infotek Consulting Services Inc
* Inorbital Inc.
* Integra Networks Corporation
* Iserve Technology Consulting Ltd.
* Isheva Inc.
* ISG Search Inc.
* IT Axis Consulting Inc.
* IT Collaborative Inc.
* IT Connex Inc.
* ITCAD Tech Inc.
* Ivantage Partners Inc.
* JIG Technologies Inc.
* JTLin Consulting Inc.
* JustIt Solution Inc.
* Keystream Inc.
* Koni Ameri Tech Services (Canada) Inc.
* Kotch Soft Solutions Inc.
* KVANTSOFT INC. (DBA Business Intelligence Solutions)
* Lannick Contract Solutions Inc. (DBA: Lannick Group of Companies)
* Lintex Computer Group Inc.
* LIKE 10 INC.
* Locus Systems Inc.
* Long View Systems Corporation
* ManageFlow Consulting Inc.
* Maplesoft Consulting Inc. (formerly Somos Consulting Group Ltd.)
* MD+A Health Solutions Inc.
* Mesh Innovations Inc.
* MERAK Systems Corporation
* Miax Project Services Inc.
* Miipe Inc.
* Mindwire Systems Ltd. (formerly Zylog Systems (Ottawa) Ltd.)
* MNP LLP (formerly Net Cyclops Inc.)
* Mocato Inc.
* Modis Canada Inc.
* Myticas Consulting Inc.
* MZM Technologies Inc.
* Net Effects Technologies Inc.
* Netrus Inc.
* Nevadian IT Consulting Inc. (DBA Nevadian)
* Newcomp Analytics Inc. (formerly Newcomp Inc.)
* Nexstaf ULC (formerly Nexstaf Inc.).
* Nexus Systems Group Inc.
* Niche Talent Inc.
* Nortak Software Ltd.
* Objectwise Consulting Group Inc.
* Olymp Technologies Inc.
* Online Enterprises Inc (DBA: Online Business Systems)
* OnX Enterprise Solutions Inc.
* Open Systems Global Services Inc.
* OpenTrust Consulting Inc.
* Optiv Canada Federal Inc. (Formerly Conexsys Communications Limited)
* Oraxle Datasystems Inc.
* Otterion Solutions Inc
* Paralucent Inc. (DBA Paralucent)
* Pegasie Technologies Inc.
* Pircell Inc.
* Planet Personnel Agency Inc. (DBA Planet 4iT)
* PlanIT Search Inc.
* Posterus Technologies Inc. (DBA OutForce)
* PrecisionERP Incorporated
* PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
* Procase Consulting Inc.
* Procom Consultants Group Ltd.
* Prodigy Systems Inc.
* Proex Inc.
* Prolifics Canada Inc. (formerly Xteoma Inc. (DBA Stream Integration))
* ProVision IT Resources Ltd.
* ProViso Services Inc.
* PWC Technology Services, Inc.
* Q2Hire Consulting Inc.
* QA Consultants (formerly Plaza Consulting Inc.)
* Qualicom Innovations Inc.
* R3D Consulting Inc.
* RadX Software Labs Inc.
* Randstad Technologies, a division of Randstad Interim Inc.
* Redwood Global ULC (formerly Redwood Global Inc.)
* Regal-Infosemantics
* RGS Consulting Services Inc.
* RS Tec Systems Inc.
* Run Straight Consulting Ltd.
* S.I. Systems ULC (formerly S.I. Systems Ltd.)
* Sascea Group Inc.
* Satvik Consulting Inc.
* Scalar Decisions Inc.
* Schroeder & Schroeder Inc.
* Shore Consulting Group Inc.
* ShoreWise Consulting Inc.
* Sierra Systems Group Inc.
* Sky Software Solutions Ltd.
* SKJ Consulting Inc.
* Slalom Consulting ULC
* Softline Technology Inc.
* Solutia SDO Ltd.
* Solutions In Context Inc.
* Solvtech Inc.
* SourceFront Inc.
* SOA Group Inc.
* Speridian Technologies LLC
* Sphyrna Security Incorporated
* Spyre Solutions Inc.
* SRA Staffing Solutions Ltd. (DBA SRA Information Technology)
* Stafflink Solutions Ltd.
* Staffworks Ltd.
* Step by Step Professional Services Incorporated
* Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc.
* SuMO IT Solutions Inc.
* Sundiata Warren Group Inc. (DBA SWGi)
* Sunram Systems Inc.
* Supra Canada Techologies Ltd.
* SVS Enterprises Ltd.
* Swansea Computer Specialists Corp.
* Sylogix Consulting Inc.
* Symbiotic Group Inc.
* System Soft Technologies Inc.
* Systematix Technology Consultants Inc.
* T.E.S. Contract Services Inc. (DBA TES The Employment Solution)
* T.L.W. Enterprise Inc.
* TableRock Inc. (DBA: Copperstone Connect)
* TAG HR - The Associates Group Human Resources Inc.
* Technocrat Consultants Inc.
* Tenet Computer Group Inc.
* TeraMach Technologies Inc.
* TEEMA Solutions Group Inc.
* TEKsystems Canada Corp.
* TELUS Communications Inc. (formerly TELUS Communications Company)
* The AIM Group Inc.
* The ONE Information Corporation
* The Paramount Consulting Group Inc.
* The VCAN Group Inc.
* Total Recruiting Management Group Inc.
* Trinetra Systems Inc.
* Trinity Management Consultant Group Inc.
* TRM Technologies Inc.
* Tundra Technical Solutions Inc.
* Ultimately Digital Inc
* Universal Support Systems Ltd.
* Verbena Consulting Inc.
* Veriday Inc.
* Veritaaq Technology House Inc.
* Vishnu Solutions Provider Inc.
* VTRAC Consulting Corporation
* W5 Resources Inc.
* Ward Technology Talent Inc.
* Wirehead Corporation
* WNCS Incorporated
* WorkDynamics Technologies Inc.
* Yoush Inc. (DBA: Yoush Consulting)