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ON-Demand IT Services / Replacement of Task-based I&IT Services
Vendor of Record Arrangement (VOR-OSS_00430429)
Questions and Answers


  1. What will happen with any existing arrangements?
  1. How will vendors be selected for inclusion on the vendor roster to be managed by the managed service provider (MSP)?
  1. How will vendors qualified on the managed service provider’s (MSP) vendor roster obtain work?
  1. How will companies, including small- and medium-sized vendors, benefit from this new model?
  1. Are you concerned that some small businesses may be adversely impacted if they cannot directly bid on government contracts?
  1. Does this new model mean small businesses will get paid less for their work?
  1. How will the payment process work and what percentage of the fees/budget does the managed service provider get versus the subcontracted companies?

Selection of Managed Service Provider

  1. How will the government choose a managed service provider (MSP)?
  1. What types of temporary IT contractor services will the managed service provider be providing to the government?
  1. Who are the other Canadian provinces using managed service providers?