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Frequently Asked Questions - Security Guard Services

  1. Why do we have a VOR arrangement for Security Guard Services?

    This VOR arrangement saves time, effort and money by providing simple and effective
    access to security guard services from pre-qualified vendors with capped rates for the term
    of the contract.

    An enterprise wide VOR arrangement also facilitates the reporting and monitoring of
    ministry-wide spend on these services, minimizes administrative costs associated with
    independent procurements and enhances the consolidation of requirements.

  2. I have an agreement in place for Security Guard Services. Can I continue to use this agreement until it expires?

    Yes. For agreements executed prior to this VOR arrangement, the term can remain as
    defined within your ministry’s agreement.

  3. Can these services be acquired through other vendors (Infrastructure Ontario)?

    The Security Guard Services VOR arrangement is a mandatory-use, enterprise-wide VOR
    arrangement for all Ontario Public Service ministries under the OPS Procurement Directive.

    However, where Infrastructure Ontario provides building security, ministries may choose to
    acquire these services, where appropriate, by including them in their Ministry Occupancy
    Agreements. These agreements detail all property management services that IO will
    provide for that location.

  4. How are Security Guard Services obtained through this VOR arrangement?

    Ministries will conduct a second stage selection process in accordance with the OPS
    Procurement Directive by creating and sending a completed Request for Services (RFS) to
    the selected vendors. Once the responses to the RFS are received and evaluated, the ministry client will award and execute the Statement of Work (SOW) with the successful vendor.

    Non-OPS entities for whom use of the VOR arrangement is optional are required to first register at: Ministry of Government Services > Supply Chain Ontario. Upon registration and relevant approvals, approved organizations may review the Broader Public Sector (BPS) user guide for further details on how to obtain products and/or services.

  5. This contract is for three years, how do the new rules around the centralization of procurement affect this VOR?

    Any VOR contracts that were put in place prior to March 18, 2019, are allowed to continue as long as the length of the contract is in alignment with the OPS enterprise-wide Master Agreement terms.

For More Information

Questions on the Security Guard Services VOR arrangement can be directed to the Contract Manager. Contact information listing can be accessed through MyOPS -> Business Services -> Procurement -> Vendor of Record (VOR) -> Security Guard Services.