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How to do Business with the Ontario Government

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I access bidding opportunities?

Ministries must use an open tendering process to post procurement documents valued at over $25,000 for goods and $100,000 for services. Ministries must use JAGGAER as established by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

In addition to the electronic tendering system, ministries may also advertise in a national newspaper accessible to all Canadian vendors or the Daily Commercial News for construction-related procurements.

What is JAGGAER?

JAGGAER is Ontario’s e-tendering system which provides information on bidding opportunities for the government of Ontario.

How do I market and present my company to the Ontario government for their consideration?

Review ministry websites to gain an understanding of their individual mandates and programs. This will help you identify program areas that may have a need for your goods or services to better position your company’s proposal. You can also use the Ontario government directory to identify key contacts in each program area.

Please be reminded that the government is specifically interested in learning about goods and services geared to individual ministry mandates and programs. Ministries may not be in a position to immediately consider requests that fall outside these parameters.

What is a Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangement and how is it established?

A VOR arrangement is a procurement arrangement resulting from a fair, open and transparent procurement process that authorizes one or more vendors to offer specific goods or services to ministries for a defined time period; with terms, conditions and pricing as set out in the particular VOR arrangement. It is established through a Request for Proposal (RFP) distributed through an electronic tendering service (JAGGAER).

What are the different types of Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangements?

There are 3 types of VOR arrangements: ministry, multi-ministry and enterprise-wide.

What is the step-by-step process to become a Vendor of Record (VOR)?

To become a VOR for a particular good or service, you will need to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) and be successful in the evaluation process. The evaluation process will vary from situation to situation, as appropriate, and will be described in the RFP. Typically, RFPs related to becoming a VOR are posted on JAGGAER to ensure that vendors are aware when these opportunities are available to them. For further details, see Interested In Doing Business With The Ontario Government?

What happens when I become a Vendor of Record (VOR)?

Once you become a vendor of record you are authorized to provide goods or services to one or more ministries (depending on the type of arrangement) as per the terms and conditions of the VOR arrangement.

A second stage selection process may be required to determine which of the qualified vendors is best able to meet a Ministry’s specific needs.

Can I still conduct business with the Ontario government if I am not a Vendor of Record or if the good or service that I am selling is not covered by a Vendor of Record (VOR)?

It is possible that ministries may have requirements which are not met by a vendor of record arrangement, thus allowing non-vendors of record to be considered for an assignment. If the value of the requirement is above $25,000 for goods or $100,000 for services, then the opportunity will be posted on JAGGAER. Therefore you should maintain an awareness of the new opportunities that are posted through JAGGAER.

Among the kind of documents the Ontario government uses to procure goods and services from the open market are:

If the value of the requirement is below $25,000 for goods or $100,000 for services, then the ministry may choose to invite vendors to a competition. In this instance, your company’s marketing efforts will be important as they will impact ministry staff’s awareness of your organization which may result in your being invited to bid.

Can I register my company to your vendor database registry?

The Ontario government does not maintain a central vendor registry database.

Who can I contact to answer a question that is not included here?

For answers to other questions or concerns, or simply for more information on how to do business with the Ontario government, you can contact Supply Chain Ontario via e-mail at