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Supply chains refer to the multiple processes that connect customers and suppliers. It is about logistics — getting the right materials to the right people and places at the right time. Effective supply chain management is vital for organizations to be successful.

Modernizing supply chain management means finding better ways for the public sector to procure the goods and services it needs to continue to serve the citizens of Ontario.

Back-office processes are administrative functions that include: human resources, financial management and budgeting, procurement and payment for purchases

Competitive procurement - a set of procedures for developing a procurement contract through a bidding or proposal process. The intent is to solicit fair, impartial, competitive bids.

Goods - in relation to procurement, moveable property (including the costs of installing, operating, maintaining or manufacturing such moveable property) including raw materials, products, equipment and other physical objects of every kind and description whether in solid, liquid, gaseous or electronic form, unless they are procured as part of a general construction contract.

Procurement - acquisition by any means, including by purchase, rental, lease or conditional sale, of goods, services or construction.

Transparency – the quality of transactions and activities in broader public sector organizations being open to examination by all stakeholders and the public. Broader public sector suppliers must have fair access to information on procurement opportunities, processes and results.