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Hospital Supply Chain Metrics (HSCM) Working Group – Members

Photo of Cynthia Chestler

Cynthia Chesler joined the Chatham–Kent Health Alliance in 1997 as Perioperative Material Manager, and moved to the position of Director, Material Management, in November 2000. From September to December 2003, and again from June to September 2004, she was interim Vice-President of Corporate Services. She began her career as an accountant with Peat Marwick; entered the healthcare field in 1988 at the Windsor Metropolitan General Hospital; sits on the boards of CareNet, CMEPP and the Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN); is a member of the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM); and is chairperson of Medbuy's Material Management Group.

Photo of Wayne Coros

Wayne Coros is Director of Materials Management at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, one of the largest pediatric academic health centres in the world. Wayne has almost 20 years of experience in supply chain management in the healthcare field and at the municipal level. He is currently leading an e-Supply Chain Project for the hospital, which proposes to automate the supply chain process by focusing on electronic requisitioning and purchase orders, point-of-use data capture, warehouse automation, electronic funds transfer and other priorities.

Photo of Don Cummer

Don Cummer is Director of Purchasing with Shared Healthcare Supply Service (SHSS), a provider of purchasing services to four major Toronto hospitals. He has more than 25 years of experience in purchasing, materials management, and supply chain systems in the telecommunication and healthcare sectors, and is currently leading a project to implement leading-edge e-supply chain tools in SHSS member hospitals. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Art degree in Economics from McMaster University, and is a member of both the Council of Supply Chain Professionals and Supply Chain and Logistics Canada.

Photo of Derek Gascoigne

Derek Gascoigne is Director, Environmental Services, for the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, and has been involved in healthcare material management for 23 years, since graduating from Lakehead University with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree. He is a two-time past president of the Ontario HospitalMaterial Management Association, and has been involved in a number of federal and provincial committees — including the Ontario Health Plan for an Influenza Pandemic in 2005. He enjoys working “for the betterment of our profession, and of supply chain management principles and best practices.”

Photo of Ken Gazdic

Ken Gazdic is Director of Materials Management at the Hôpital régional de Sudbury Regional Hospital, a multi-site regional referral centre serving northeastern Ontario. His professional background includes 10 years in public finance, policy and planning at the federal and provincial government levels, and five years of private-sector business and management consulting. He is a member of several hospital sector associations and working groups, including the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN) and Ontario Hospital Association CUPE Central Bargaining Team, and he has served as lead on select northeastern Ontario projects involving Integrated Supply Chain Management.

Photo of Kathy Jameson

Kathy Jameson is Facilities and Materials Manager at the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital with responsibility for supply chain management, building maintenance and sterile processing. The St. Thomas Elgin General is a 166 bed full service community hospital in southwestern Ontario. She has worked at the St. Thomas hospital for the past 17 years. Before entering the healthcare field she was an inventory coordinator for a major food distribution centre. She is currently leading a project to implement integrated supply chain management leading practices. The project's main focus is to automate and streamline processes associated with purchasing, warehousing and distribution of supplies.

Photo of David Makila

David Makila's work as Director of Material Management at Windsor Regional Hospital has helped establish the institution as a client-focused healthcare organization; recent initiatives have emphasized the Erie–St. Clair region's Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), whose hospitals are committed to transforming current supply chain practices into an integrated supply chain model for the province. He earned a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University, after obtaining undergraduate degrees in Commerce and Economics from the University of Windsor.

Photo of Tim Prokopetz

Tim Prokopetz has been Manager of Materials and Biomedical Engineering for Timmins and District Hospital for six years; he has worked in the materials management field for 15 years, including employment for nine years as materials manager for a Tier 1 automotive manufacturer. His manufacturing background was both instrumental and beneficial in the re-engineering of materials processes within the Timmins and District Hospital, where the implementation of strict spending policies and authorization levels assisted the hospital in its planning functions, reduced operating costs and aided in streamlining the payables function.

Photo of Scott Pruyn

Scott Pruyn is Product Manager for Materials Solutions for San Francisco-based McKesson's Healthcare Resource Planning Division, with 15 years experience in healthcare supply chain automation at McKesson, Medibuy, Medline, and Enterprise Systems Inc. His more recent work involves an emphasis on materials management, information systems and analytical tools — including McKesson's Pathways Materials Management software, whose Horizon Business Insight component analyzes supply chain usage, including usage from surgical procedures to determine which products provide the best value, giving hospitals greater perspective on asset management and on how seemingly disparate activities are interrelated.

Photo of Lisa Purdy

Lisa Purdy is a Senior Manager in Deloitte's National Health Services Practice, located in Toronto, where she works with clients in Ontario and across the country, bringing to bear her expertise in the areas of operations and performance management, strategic planning, organizational assessments, and financial and institution-wide recovery planning. In recent years, she has worked with individual hospitals and regional groups to advance supply chain management practices and develop strategies to work collaboratively, integrate services and evolve service delivery models to respond to emerging industry trends.

Photo of Liana Scott

Liana Scott is National Director of Advanced Customer Logistics for Source Medical Corporation. In a 24-year professional career, she has conducted an activity-based costing study for a major Ontario teaching hospital, worked extensively in the healthcare supply chain field — ranging from material distribution to developing and implementing logistics services for Canadian hospitals — and since 1987 has focused on developing stockless inventory programs for medical institutions, including Brampton's William Osler Health Centre and Mississauga's Credit Valley Hospital. She is a founding board member and currently vice-chair of the Healthcare Supply Chain Network, and on the executive committee of CareNET.

Photo of Lynne Trott

Lynne Trott is Corporate Director of Logistical Services for The Ottawa Hospital, with responsibility for supply management, linen management, central processing, mail services and patient transportation. She has been involved with healthcare material management both within the hospital and in the private sector for more than 20 years, and is co-chair for the Champlain Regional Supply Chain Management Committee and a member of the Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN).

The Working Group would like to thank and acknowledge the work of other contributors:
Brad Sinclair of Supply Chain Alliance
Simon Steele and Sheila Finn of PMMS
Dan Wright, Jim Hadjiyianni, Jennifer Ship and Rupa Gill of OntarioBuys