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Management Consulting Services - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What services are available through this VOR Arrangement?

    The Management Consulting Services (MCS) VOR provides clients with eight management service categories described in detail in the VOR user guide. These services are to help the Ontario Public Service (OPS) with developing and implementing transformation strategies by analysing existing business problems.
  2. How are Management Consulting Services obtained under the new VOR Arrangement?

    Services under this VOR arrangement are obtained through a second stage selection process. Clients will issue a Request for Services (RFS) to vendors on this VOR arrangement and evaluate the responses based on instructions and templates in the user guide. The user guide may be accessed through MyOPS Business Services Procurement Vendor of Record (VOR) Management Consulting Services.

    In order to assess which vendor best meets their requirements, clients are to describe their requirements in the RFS and seek necessary information in order to determine which vendor is able to provide services for this specific VOR.
  3. Where do OPS buyers obtain information and templates needed to acquire services under this VOR arrangement?

    The user guide, request for services template and other associated documents may be accessed through MyOPS Business Services Procurement Vendor of Record (VOR) Management Consulting Services.
  4. Can I use a Purchasing Card to pay for these services?

    No. Ministries must issue the necessary forms available on the website to obtain management consulting services under this VOR arrangement.

  5. Can I ask vendors to provide daily rates rather than a fixed price?

    No. Vendors must propose a fixed price for a project when responding to an RFS.

  6. Do the expenditure restrictions announced by the Secretary of Cabinet on June 18, 2018 apply to consulting assignments that use this VOR?

    Yes, Ministries should follow their internal approval protocols and processes before issuing an RFS for this VOR..

  7. What if the services I need are not available on this VOR arrangement?

    There are other enterprise-wide VOR arrangements established by MGCS. All VOR arrangements are currently available on the Doing Business with Ontario website

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