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Access to the Government of Canada Standing Offers

Federal Provincial Territorial Collaborative Procurements

For non-federal public organizations, the Government of Canada has made available its standing offers and supply arrangement for goods and services to authorized provincial or territorial identified users.

As of May 2016, Public Service and Procurement Canada (PSPC), has permitted non-federal jurisdictions and specified organizations to use PSPC Standing Offers Supply Arrangements and Requests for Proposal to purchase certain goods where non-federal jurisdictions and specified organizations have been identified.

These include:

To become an optional user of PSPC procurement instruments, each provincial or public organization (currently known as Broader Public Sector or Provincial Funded Organization entities) must be identified by name at the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage (i.e., named as optional users).  Organizations not named as optional users of a specific PSPC procurement instrument will not be able to purchase goods or services specified therein.

Public organizations that would like to become optional users of PSPC procurement instruments are encouraged to access and learn how to use the federal standing offers and supply arrangements Application (SOSA App).

For information on the PSPC Procurement Instruments hosted by Public Services and Procurement Canada.

The Government of Ontario assumes no responsibility or liability for Broader Public Sector or Provincially Funded Organizations use of PSPC Procurement Instruments.

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