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Data Integration, Visualization and Analytics (DIVA) - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of software can be acquired through this VOR arrangement?

    This VOR provides clients with software tools for data integration, analytics and visualization.

  2. Can this VOR be used to acquire business intelligence (BI) products?

    No. Business intelligence solutions are software implementations designed to report and present data usually stored internally in data warehouses through reports/dashboards. BI is commonly used for management reports tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). Government of Ontario IT Standard (GO-ITS) number 30.3 has established three BI product standards: IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE and Hyperion) and Microsoft Business Intelligence. Clients interested in acquiring BI products should consult the IBM VLA, the Oracle VLA or the Microsoft Select Plus Reseller Agreement

  3. How is this VOR arrangement different from the Business Analytics, Data Integration and Quality Tools (BADIQ) it replaced?

    This VOR allows clients to select products which best fit a requirements profile based on one or more of ten capabilities, instead of having to choose among pre-defined product categories. Client needs for these types of products may be met through a single second stage VOR procurement process. Additional features of the DIVA VOR include provisions for annual product and pricing updates, two vendor VOR refreshes and no restrictions on the number of allowed qualified vendors, thus leading to greater and more flexible choices.

  4. Is this VOR arrangement mandatory to use for OPS clients?

    Yes. This is a mandatory, enterprise-wide VOR arrangement.

  5. How are vendors/products selected during the second-stage selection process?

    Clients will invite qualified vendors to submit responses to an RFx – either a Request for Quotation(s) (RFQ) if the evaluation will be primarily based on price, or a Request for Solution (RFS) if the evaluation will be assessing additional factors such as product suitability and capability. A client-led evaluation of the response(s) will lead to a purchase order and/or a statement of work being signed between the client and the selected vendor. Full information on the second-stage selection process can be found in the user guide.

  6. How are vendors/products selected during the second-stage selection process?

    If a client has an existing contract, but sees opportunities for better pricing to re-purchase from this new VOR arrangement, they should consult with legal services prior to making any contractual decisions.

  7. Can Publicly Funded Organizations (PFOs), formerly Broader Public Sector (BPS), and registered buyers obtain goods and services through this VOR arrangement?

    Yes. For registered PFO buyers, access is available through the Doing Business with Ontario website. Registration is required. Please note that PFO buyers must sign a separate Adoption Agreement with the vendors before obtaining any goods or services under the VOR.

  8. Can ministry clients purchase these products with a P-card?

    The total value of the procurement will determine the payment method for invoices received. If the total value of the order is $5,000 or greater, then a purchase order (PO) must be submitted. If the total value of the order is less than $5,000, then a P-Card is the preferred method of payment.

  9. How can a ministry client order products through this VOR arrangement?

    Under this VOR arrangement, products and related services are ordered through the Service Order Desk On-line (SODO) at Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS).

  10. Where can clients find more information on this VOR arrangement?

    The user guide, pricing guide, vendor contact list and other supporting documents are available on the VOR arrangement’s web page on MyOPS for OPS ministries, and on the Doing Business with Ontario website for PFO clients.

For More Information

Questions on the Data Integration, Visualization and Analytics (DIVA) Products and Services can be directed to the Contract Manager.

Contact information listing can be accessed by logging in as a buyer at: ontario.ca/supplychain.