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CRA Business Number

CRA Business Number: Mandatory on Invoices effective November 6, 2017

In 2015, an amendment to the Financial Administration Act (FAA) was made that stipulated any applicable vendor is required to supply their nine-digit Canada Revenue Agency Business Number (CRA BN) before engaging in a financial transaction with the Government of Ontario.  As a result, beginning November 6, 2017 it will be mandatory for vendors to provide their CRA BN on invoices that charge GST/HST in order for payments to be processed without delays. 

The CRA BN is a numbering system established by the CRA that simplifies and streamlines the way businesses deal with federal, provincial and municipal governments to help simplify the interaction with each other and all levels of the public sector. The CRA BN is based on the idea of one number for one business.

This new requirement may have minimal impact to your current invoicing process, as a significant number of invoices already include the CRA BN.  If the CRA BN was omitted on recent invoices and not processed before November 6, 2017, ministry clients may contact you to obtain your CRA BN as this is required to issue the payment. 

For additional information on CRA BN requirements visit the Canada Revenue Agency Website

For all other questions, please contact Treasury Board Secretariat at