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Type: IT
Category: Services
VOR Number/Title: Tender-9951 - I&IT Solutions Consulting Services
File Name: Tender-9951

This VOR Arrangement should be used to support the needs of Clients who require Vendors to deliver on I&IT Projects from inception to completion. The Vendors on this VOR Arrangement will be required to provide and manage a project team comprised of their full-time employees and if required, subcontractors and/or other resources to provide I&IT solutions consulting services on projects that involve one or more of the service categories listed below.

This VOR arrangement should NOT be used for short term or task-based assignments.


This user guide is intended to provide guidance for the use of Vendor of Record (VOR) Arrangement # Tender_9951 for I&IT Solutions Consulting Services (Solutions). This VOR Arrangement is the replacement for the I&IT Solutions Consulting Services VOR arrangement (OSS_00461242), which expired on December 31, 2018.

In replacing the two expired VORs, the Service Categories and Roles have been harmonized and are the Services and Roles are generically available in this VOR Arrangement, under two Streams:

"Stream A" means Vendors qualified to work on Projects UNDER $5 Million only.

"Stream B" means Vendors qualified to work on Projects $5 Million and OVER. Vendors qualified for Stream B are also automatically qualified for Projects under Stream A.


  1. Business Analysis & Planning
  2. Architecture
  3. Solutions Development
  4. Testing & Quality Assurance (QA)
  5. Systems Integration/Deployment & Operations


This VOR Arrangement is for mandatory use for all OPS ministries and some agencies (based on their Memorandum of Understanding) of the Government of Ontario.

Agencies that are not mandated to use VOR arrangements and non-OPS may also choose to access this VOR Arrangement, on an optional basis.

All information provided by Ontario Shared Services (OSS) in any form in connection with this contract is Confidential Information which may, if it is disclosed, result in loss or harm to the Crown or could give the person to whom it is disclosed an advantage and is intended only for use by:

  • Ontario Government public servants in the performance of their work for the Crown; or
  • Those Agencies and Provincially Funded Organizations for whom specific authorization to access has been granted; and
  • shall not otherwise be disclosed to any person or entity or used in any non-government business or undertaking unless specific authorization to do so has been granted. Any other dissemination, copying or use of this information is strictly prohibited.
Available to: OPS/Non-OPS
Effective Date: 01/01/2019
Original Expiry Date: 12/31/2021
Current Expiry Date: 12/31/2022

Qualified Vendors

* 01 Millennium Consulting Inc.
* 0965688 BC Ltd
* 2240821 Ontario Inc. (DBA: InstaObjects)
* 2258973 Ontario Inc. (DBA Lucrodyne)
* 2360986 Ontario Inc. (DBA North49 Group)
* 6535836 Canada Inc. (DBA Alphavima Technologies)
* 9092781 Canada Inc.
* A.T. Consulting and Recruiting Inc.
* Accenture Inc.
* ADGA Group Consultants Inc.
* Altura Consulting Inc.
* Altus Business Consultants Limited (dba: Altus Dynamics)
* Apption Corporation
* Archipelago Alliance Inc.
* Ban Partners Inc.
* BDO Canada LLP (formerly PPI Consulting Limited)
* Bevertec CST Inc.
* Bold Internet Solutions Limited
* Cantan Group 786 Inc
* CDW Canada
* CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc.
* Cistel Technology Inc.
* CM Inc.
* Code 4 Canada
* Compugen Inc.
* Computacenter TeraMach Inc.
* CSI Consulting Inc.
* Cundari Group Ltd
* Cyrulean Inc.
* DapaSoft Inc.
* Delamee Incorporated (DBA Delamee Inc)
* Deloitte Inc.
* DesTech Consulting Services Inc.
* DigitalEmbrace Inc.
* Dimensional Strategies Inc.
* DISC (Data Integration Systems Consulting) INC.
* eResults Web Solutions Inc.
* EBF Solutions Incorporation Ltd
* Eclipsys Solutions Inc.
* Edgeworx Solutions Inc.
* Ernst & Young LLP
* Esit Canada Enterprise Services Co. / Esit Canada Services Aux Entreprises Cie.
* Esri Canada Limited
* ESI Information Technologies Inc.
* FDM Group Canada Inc.
* First Derivatives Canada Inc.
* Fujitsu Consulting (Canada) Inc.
* GEF Consulting Inc.
* Green Light Consulting Solutions Inc. (DBA Greenlight Consulting)
* GSI International Consulting Group (dba: Maxsys GSI)
* HighVail Systems Inc.
* Hitachi Vantara Inc (formerly Hitachi Consulting Canada Corporation)
* iG2 Group Inc
* iVedha Inc.
* Ian Martin Limited
* IBI Group
* IBM Canada Ltd.
* Infobase Solutions International, Inc.
* Infosys Public Services
* ITCAD Tech Inc.
* JIG Technologies Inc.
* Lintex Computer Group Inc.
* Locus Systems Inc.
* ManageFlow Consulting Inc.
* Maplesoft Consulting Inc. (formerly Somos Consulting Group Ltd.)
* MERAK Systems Corporation
* Mindwire Systems Ltd. (formerly Zylog Systems (Ottawa) Ltd.)
* MZM Technologies Inc.
* Nortak Software Ltd.
* NTG Clarity Networks Inc.
* OGGN Inc.
* OnX Enterprise Solutions Inc.
* Optimus SBR Inc.
* Paralucent Inc. (DBA Paralucent)
* PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
* Procase Consulting Inc.
* Procom Consultants Group Ltd.
* Prodigy Systems Inc.
* R3D Consulting Inc.
* RadX Software Labs Inc.
* Randstad Technologies, a division of Randstad Interim Inc.
* REA Inc.
* RGS Consulting Services Inc.
* RS Tec Systems Inc.
* Run Straight Consulting Ltd.
* Saninco Technologies Inc.
* Sascea Group Inc.
* Scalar Decisions Inc.
* Schroeder & Schroeder Inc.
* Shore Consulting Group Inc.
* Sierra Systems Group Inc.
* Sky Software Solutions Ltd.
* Slalom Consulting ULC
* Speridian Technologies LLC
* Spyre Solutions Inc.
* SRA Staffing Solutions Ltd. (DBA SRA Information Technology)
* Sundiata Warren Group Inc. (DBA SWGi)
* Swansea Computer Specialists Corp.
* Sylogix Consulting Inc.
* Systematix Technology Consultants Inc.
* Tectonic Advisory Services Inc.
* TGT Solutions Inc
* Titan Plus Software Inc.
* Tracker Networks Inc.
* Vivianne Wilson
* Yoush Inc. (DBA: Yoush Consulting)
* Yukon Consultants Inc
* Zenith System Solutions Inc.