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Type: IT
Category: Software
VOR Number/Title: OSS-00522901 - MGCS-Citrix Volume Licensing Agreement (VLA) 2015
File Name: OSS-00522901
Description: Untitled Document

Notice - Please note that the MGCS - Citrix Volume Licensing Agreement (VLA) #OSS_00522901 expired on June 30, 2020. MGCS is currently developing a replacement agreement and anticipate it will be available for use in the near future. In the interim, clients making acquisitions of Citrix software products must do so in a manner consistent with procurement directives.

This Volume License Agreement (VLA), #OSS_00522901, is for Citrix Software Products, Software Maintenance, Appliances, Appliance Maintenance, Subscription Advantage and Installation and Configuration Services.

The initial term of the VLA is three (3) years, effective July 1, 2015. MGCS is entitled to extend the VLA for two additional terms, of up to one (1) year each, upon written notice to Citrix.

The MGCS-Citrix VLA is available for use by both OPS and PFO clients, and provides significant discount levels from Citrix Suggested Retail Prices (SRP).

Through the MGCS-Citrix VLA clients receive the following levels of discount from Citrix SRP;

  • Software, Appliances and Maintenance Service35% discount
  • Subscription Advantage  – 25% discount
  • Technical Support, Implementation and Education Services5% discount

Through a separate competitive procurement process MGCS has also established a Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangement for an Authorized Citrix Reseller with Long View Systems Corporation. Through this VOR arrangement with Long View Systems OPS, and PFO clients, can realize further discount from Citrix Suggested Retail Prices (SRP) as follows;

  • Software, Appliances and Maintenance Service44.86% Total Discount
  • Subscription Advantage40.1% Total Discount
  • Technical Support, Implementation and Education Services18.12% Total Discount

Clients making initial acquisitions of licenses for Citrix Software Products and/or first year Support and Maintenance Services are to contact the Authorized Citrix Reseller, Long View Systems Corporation:

Long View Systems Corporation
Mr. Jim Morrison
Tel: 647 252 4000

Clients acquiring Renewals of Software Support, Software Maintenance, Appliance Maintenance or Subscription Advantage offerings, are to contact Citrix directly:

Citrix Systems Inc.
Mr. Avi Bitterman
Tel: 416 677 0444

Available to: OPS/Non-OPS
Effective Date: 07/01/2015
Original Expiry Date: 06/30/2018
Current Expiry Date: 06/30/2020

Qualified Vendors

* Citrix Systems Inc.
* The Long View Systems Corp.