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Type: Non-IT
Category: Security Services
VOR Number/Title: OSS-00502566 - Physical Security Threat Risk Assessments, Physical Security Plans and Physical Security Training
File Name: OSS-00502566
Description: The OSS-00502566 Physical Threat Risk Assessment Vendor of Record (VOR) has expired and Supply Chain Ontario (SCO) is in the process of renewing it. We expect the replacement VOR to be available February/2022. During this time should you need this good/service please follow the Ontario Public Service (OPS) Procurement Directive or Broader Public Service (BPS) Procurement Directive for non-OPS rules for procuring.
Available to: OPS/Non-OPS
Effective Date: 09/08/2015
Original Expiry Date: 09/07/2017
Current Expiry Date: 09/07/2021

Qualified Vendors

* Bouthillette Parizeau Inc.
* Emergency Preparedness Consultants Inc.
* Juno Risk Solutions Inc
* Rhea Inc.
* Security Through Safe Design Inc.
* Tundra Inc.