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Type: IT
Category: Services
VOR Number/Title: OSS-00461242 - I&IT Solutions Consulting Services
File Name: OSS-00461242

The I&IT Solutions Consulting Services VOR Arrangement enables Clients who require Vendors to deliver on I&IT Projects from inception to completion to have immediate access to qualified I&IT consulting resources to deliver end-to-end solutions. The Vendors will be required to provide and manage a project team comprised of their full-time employees and if required, subcontractors and/or other resources on projects that involve one or more IT Service Categories.

IT Service categories include the following:

  • Business Analysis & Planning
  • Architecture
  • Solutions Development
  • Testing & Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Systems Integration/Deployment & Operations

The VOR Arrangement is for a period of three (3) years, commencing January 1, 2015, and ending on December 31, 2017 with an additional one (1) year extension option, solely at MGCS’ discretion.

Available to: OPS/Non-OPS
Effective Date: 01/01/2015
Original Expiry Date: 12/31/2017
Current Expiry Date: 12/31/2018

Qualified Vendors

* 01 Millennium Consulting Inc.
* 1825605 Ontario Inc. (DBA CFS Consulting)
* 2155624 Ontario Inc (DBA Nexovate Inc)
* 2240821 Ontario Inc. (DBA: InstaObjects)
* 2241548 Ontario Inc. (DBA: BHS Consultants)
* 2258973 Ontario Inc. (DBA Lucrodyne)
* 2360986 Ontario Inc. (DBA North49 Group)
* 6535836 Canada Inc. (DBA Alphavima Technologies)
* 7298528 Canada Inc. (dba: Apya Consulting)
* ARC Business Solutions Inc.
* 8si Inc. (DBA CRMWorks)
* A.T. Consulting and Recruiting Inc.
* Accenture Inc.
* Accreon Inc.
* Adastra Corporation
* Adobe Inc. (formerly Adobe Systems Incorporated)
* ADGA Group Consultants Inc.
* Affinity Systems Limited
* Altura Consulting Inc.
* Altus Business Consultants Limited (dba: Altus Dynamics)
* AnooshTech Inc.
* Apption Corporation
* Archipelago Alliance Inc.
* Architech Solutions Consulting Services Inc.
* Avalon Corporate Solutions Corp.
* Avanade Canada Inc.
* Aversan Inc.
* Avocette Technologies Inc.
* Ban Partners Inc.
* Bevertec CST Inc.
* Bold Internet Solutions Limited
* Buchanan Technologies Ltd.
* CGI Groupe Inc. (dba: CGI Information Technology and Management Consultants Inc.)
* Cisco Systems, Inc. (dba: Cisco Systems Canada Co.)
* CITS Group Inc.
* CM Inc.
* Compugen Inc.
* GeTS eTrade (Canada) Inc. (fomerly CrimsonLogic (North America) Inc)
* CSI Consulting Inc.
* Cyrulean Inc.
* DapaSoft Inc.
* Datavail Canada Corporation (formerly Navantis Inc.)
* Datazoom Solutions Inc.
* Delamee Incorporated (DBA Delamee Inc)
* Deloitte Inc.
* DesTech Consulting Services Inc.
* DigitalEmbrace Inc.
* Dimensional Strategies Inc.
* Diona Technologies (Canada) Inc.
* DISC (Data Integration Systems Consulting) INC.
* Dyna Lync 2000 Inc.
* EAInfoBiz Inc.
* Eclipsys Solutions Inc.
* Environmental Data Exchange Corporation
* Ernst & Young LLP
* Esri Canada Limited
* ESI Information Technologies Inc.
* Esit Canada Enterprise Service Co.(formerly Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co.)
* Foster Moore Canada Limited
* Fujitsu Consulting (Canada) Inc.
* Futurebound Corp.
* Gevity Consulting Inc. (formerly Global Village Consulting Inc.)
* GEF Consulting Inc.
* Green Light Consulting Solutions Inc. (DBA Greenlight Consulting)
* GSI International Consulting Group (dba: Maxsys GSI)
* ESIT Canada Enterprise Services Co. (DXC Technology)
* Hitachi Vantara Inc (formerly Hitachi Consulting Canada Corporation)
* iG2 Group Inc
* iVedha Inc.
* Raise Limited (Formerly Ian Martin Limited)
* IBM Canada Ltd.
* Imex Systems Inc.
* Infobase Solutions International, Inc.
* Infomaxium Inc.
* Information Builders (Canada) Inc.
* Infosys Public Services
* Intelliware Development Inc.
* Isheva Inc.
* IT Axis Consulting Inc.
* IT Collaborative Inc.
* ITCAD Tech Inc.
* J & M Group Inc
* JIG Technologies Inc.
* Jones Lang LaSalle Real Estate Services, Inc.
* JustIt Solution Inc.
* Koni Ameri Tech Services (Canada) Inc.
* Lascom Inc.
* Leo-Pisces Services Group Inc.
* Lintex Computer Group Inc.
* Locus Systems Inc.
* ManageFlow Consulting Inc.
* MERAK Systems Corporation
* Microsoft Canada Inc.
* Mindwire Systems Ltd. (formerly Zylog Systems (Ottawa) Ltd.)
* Mocato Inc.
* MZM Technologies Inc.
* Napkin Marketing
* NetDexterity Inc.
* Netrus Inc.
* Nortak Software Ltd.
* Objectwise Consulting Group Inc.
* Oracle Canada ULC
* Paralucent Inc. (DBA Paralucent)
* PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
* Procase Consulting Inc.
* Procom Consultants Group Ltd.
* Prodigy Systems Inc.
* Proex Inc.
* PWC Technology Services, Inc.
* Qualicom Innovations Inc.
* R3D Consulting Inc.
* RadX Software Labs Inc.
* Randstad Technologies, a division of Randstad Interim Inc.
* RGS Consulting Services Inc.
* Rolta Canada Ltd.
* RS Tec Systems Inc.
* Run Straight Consulting Ltd.
* Saninco Technologies Inc.
* Sascea Group Inc.
* Scalar Decisions Inc.
* Schroeder & Schroeder Inc.
* Shore Consulting Group Inc.
* ShoreWise Consulting Inc.
* Sierra Systems Group Inc.
* Sky Software Solutions Ltd.
* Slalom Consulting ULC
* Solvtech Inc.
* Maplesoft Consulting Inc. (formerly Somos Consulting Group Ltd.)
* SourceFront Inc.
* Spatial Knowledge Engineering Inc.
* Speridian Technologies LLC
* Spyre Solutions Inc.
* SRA Staffing Solutions Ltd. (DBA SRA Information Technology)
* Statel Capital Technology Partners Inc.
* Sundiata Warren Group Inc. (DBA SWGi)
* Supra Canada Techologies Ltd.
* Swansea Computer Specialists Corp.
* Sylogix Consulting Inc.
* Systematix Technology Consultants Inc.
* TableRock Inc. (DBA: Copperstone Connect)
* Computacenter TeraMach Inc.
* TGT Solutions Inc
* The Jonah Group Ltd.
* The Paramount Consulting Group Inc.
* Tracker Networks Inc.
* Veriday Inc.
* VTRAC Consulting Corporation
* Yoush Inc. (DBA: Yoush Consulting)