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Dorion Fish Culture Station

A modernization and energy conservation project at one of the Ontario government’s fish culture stations is using innovative technologies to make the location greener and healthier.
The Dorion Fish Culture Station in Ontario’s north is one of nine provincial fish culture stations operated by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Combined, the hatcheries produce approximately seven to eight million fish each year, which go to stock public waters.

The upgrades to Dorion included replacing the oil-fired heating equipment at the facility with a new energy-efficient geothermal heating system. This move has replaced 32,000 litres of fossil fuel consumption.

The station also upgraded its insulation and heat recovery ventilation. Innovative air dehumidifying systems were installed to provide a healthy work environment and protect the building and equipment from condensation problems.

The Dorion Fish Culture Station is the only ministry hatchery serving the fisheries management needs of the northwest region of the province and western Lake Superior.

Waterloo Biofilter

The Government of Ontario has installed an innovative and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment system at the Rideau River Provincial Park, south of Ottawa.

The Waterloo Biofilter™ is an on-site wastewater treatment system that efficiently treats sewage and other wastewaters. It was easy to install and has safely overcome the park’s construction constraints of high water table, wet soil conditions and the park’s close proximity to the water’s edge.

The Waterloo Biofilter™ is patented technology that combines natural airflow and naturally occurring bacteria to consume contaminants such as E. coli that are found in wastewater. Using very low energy consumption, the technology safely and easily disperses treated wastewater back into the clay soil.

The Waterloo Biofilter™ helps the park to meet its demand to treat wastewater during its busy periods while also minimizing its environmental footprint through energy efficiencies and a compact design.

The Waterloo Biofilter™ was invented in Ontario by Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc., a Canadian-owned and operated company that develops, designs, manufactures and maintains advanced onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Waterloo Biofilter Systems’ technologies are also being installed under the Green Schools’ Pilot Initiative.

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