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GreenFIT - How To Participate?

Ontario’s GreenFIT strategy is aimed at creating opportunities for businesses to bring their emerging and innovative technologies to the Ontario public sector. 

Participating in GreenFIT will give innovative companies greater opportunity to demonstrate their solutions and improve their profile in domestic and global markets. Public sector organizations will showcase GreenFIT solutions and this will provide an ideal platform for companies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products to other potential customers.

GreenFIT solutions will contribute to the “greening” of the public sector by helping the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and Municipal, Academic, Schools and Hospitals (MASH) find new green solutions for their purchasing needs.*

Public sector organizations will look for innovative solutions and technologies through these purchasing opportunities.Open Expressions of Interest

If you have an innovative green solution that is not currently being sought under any Government of Ontario Request for Proposal or Targeted Expression of Interest process and believe that your solution might be of interest to the government, you may wish to submit an Open EOI. Prior to completing an Open EOI, you must use this self assessment tool to determine whether or not your EOI may be eligible for consideration under the GreenFIT strategy.

If you wish to proceed to complete and submit an Open EOI for GreenFIT, you will be provided with further instructions, and access to the Open EOI template, following your self assessment.

Targeted Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest (EOI) will be used to identify new green technologies or solutions that can be adopted to improve government operations, programs or processes.

Targeted Expressions of Interest will be advertised on BravoSolution and the Targeted Expressions of Interest webpage. Applicable submission requirements, processes and information will be provided in the targeted EOI documents as they become available.


Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Requests for Proposals, or solutions-based RFPs, will be used to procure innovative green solutions to upcoming government purchasing needs. 

The Government of Ontario posts its Requests for Proposals on BravoSolution. Applicable proposal requirements, processes and other information will be stated in individual RFP documents.

Visit BravoSolution to learn more about current GreenFIT Request for Proposal opportunities. To learn more about doing business with the Ontario government, download the How to do business with the Ontario Government brochure.

*It should be noted that as part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement elements of the GreenFIT Strategy, as well any associated application documents such as Expressions of Interest templates are subject to change from time to time without notice at the sole discretion of the Government of Ontario.”

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