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GreenFIT Update:

Thank you for your interest in the GreenFIT program. The program is currently paused. Program updates will be posted on this website as it becomes available.

Questions about past GreenFIT projects can be directed to

What is the GreenFIT Procurement Strategy?

Green innovation and technological leadership will be the engines of Ontario’s new green economy. They’re also the driving force behind the Government of Ontario’s Green Focus on Innovation and Technology (GreenFIT) strategy.

The Government of Ontario is committed to making Ontario more competitive, innovative, and sustainable. Through the use of demonstration projects using public sector facilities and assets, the government is creating opportunities for new green technology companies as they introduce innovative and sustainable solutions into the local and global marketplace.

The GreenFIT strategy will enable companies to provide innovative and sustainable technologies and solutions that the public sector can consider as new, low-carbon technology solutions

Creating Opportunities
Solution-oriented Requests for Proposals and Expressions of Interest will seek progressive solutions to ongoing and emerging public sector   needs and programs.
GreenFIT opportunities will also be considered through previously-funded provincial commercialization programs or where innovative, green solutions are identified through “unsolicited” proposals from innovative green companies.
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Showcasing success
The Ontario government will be among the first to use the innovative green solutions that are part of GreenFIT. And participating in GreenFIT will provide an ideal platform for companies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products to other potential customers in local and international markets.
See our latest GreenFIT Showcase.

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