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South East Region

Health Sector

Shared Support Services Southeastern Ontario

Shared Support Services Southeastern Ontario (3SO) is a not-for-profit shared service organization with seven member hospitals. The scope of its services includes logistics, warehousing and procurement through an integrated information system.

Contact info:

3SO Corporate Office
1471 John Counter Blvd., Suite 402
Kingston, ON K7M 8S8

Website: www.3so.ca

Education Sector

Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace

The Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) leads collaborative strategic sourcing initiatives for Ontario's publicly funded Broader Public Sector (BPS) organizations, primarily the education sector, school boards, colleges and universities, and also municipalities, libraries, health services and developmental services agencies and not-for-profit organizations. OECM provides a Marketplace of Products and Services and offers procurement advisory services and business analytics.

Contact Info:

Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM)
2 Lansing Square, Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario, M2J 4P8

Website: www.oecm.ca