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Direct Deposit Payments (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Direct deposit payments, also known as electronic funds transfers, are the Government of Ontario's primary payment method. Direct deposit payments provide quick service to recipients and a high degree of security at a low cost to taxpayers.

Moving to direct deposit payments eliminates potential delays from mail delivery, time and costs associated with cheque deposits, and the risk of lost or stolen cheques.

Direct deposit payment recipients receive email notifications for each direct deposit payment. We recommend that you use a secure, generic email address that will not be affected by any staff changes in your organization.

New suppliers: Please register your business with us before submitting your first invoice to receive direct deposit payments and email remittances.

Current Suppliers: Please ensure your data is up-to-date for direct deposit payments and email notifications.

To pre-register your business, setup or update banking for direct deposit payments, complete the following online application form:

As part of the online submission you will need to:

For assistance, please call the OSS Contact Centre at 416-212-2345 or toll-free at 1-866-320-1756.

If you still have questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.