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What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management refers to the processes that manage the flow of goods and services, information and dollars between suppliers, their customers, and end-users.

The adoption of supply chain leading practices in the broader public sector can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of hospitals, school boards, colleges and universities.

What is meant by leading practices in supply chain management?

Supply Chain leading practices have numerous characteristics, including being comprehensive, tightly integrated, electronically networked, governed by common standards and, above all, end-user focused.

What are the benefits?

Implementing leading practices will result in lower supply chain costs, reduced cycle times, improved inventory turns, system integration and communication. OntarioBuys goals are to:

Ultimately, improving back-office processes means that more taxpayer dollars can be spent on vital public services that can make a difference to Ontarians.

For example, this would provide more time for doctors and nurses to treat illness, or for teachers and faculty to focus on their students needs, rather than on administrative procurement.

Have any Ontario organizations implemented Supply Chain leading practices already?

Ontario has some impressive success stories in the health and education sector, as well as within the government. Many broader public sector organizations have implemented collaborative procurement practices. For a list please consult the collaborative procurement section of this site.

More can be done. The OntarioBuys Program is focused on more than discount buying and cooperation among a few organizations. It is geared to integrate supply chain processes across the broader public sector. This is how real gains in efficiency, effectiveness and client responsiveness can be realized.

How do I apply for the funding?

If you have an idea for a project and you would like to find out about the timing of our next call for proposals contact us at the email below: BPSSupplyChain@ontario.ca

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