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Tax Compliance Verification (TCV) Program

The purpose of the TCV program is to ensure that Ontario businesses are compliant with their tax obligations before bidding on a provincial contract valued at $25,000 and over.

Ontario government contracts will not be awarded to businesses that are non-compliant with their tax obligations.

Bidder Portal

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has automated the tax compliance verification process by creating an online Bidder Portal where bidders, prior to bidding on a contract, can confirm their compliance status in real time.

First time users must register for E-Services. Once registered, bidders may access the new Bidder Portal by logging in using their ONe-key account and selecting E-Services from My Services. ONe-key is available through the ONe–key website.

Instructional Video

For detailed instructions on how to use the portal, visit the TCV instructional video

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the frequently asked questions for more information.

For general inquiries, contact

For inquiries about a specific procurement, contact the designated ministry contact for the procurement.